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Learning • Participation • Empowerment


A unique experience to connect and learn surrounded by a community that enjoys and celebrates Jewish diversity.

Talks will be in English and Spanish!


What is Limud Mallorca?


Limud is...

...a celebration of Jewish culture, creativity and learning. It is based on the principle that we can all be students and teachers.

At Limud you'll find a fantastic selection of themes, activities and experiences, practical workshops, performances, round tables, debates, texts at your disposal for study and analysis, and much more.

Choose among the simultaneous activities happening every hour, conducted by educators, artists, academics, chefs, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.



Get Involved

Are you looking for a way to connect with the Jewish community?

Limud Mallorca is the place to meet people, expand horizons and make a difference.

Contact us to find out how you can help!


Volunteering for Limud 2018

Every Limud program around the world is produced and run by volunteers! That’s pretty amazing considering that there are over 80 Limud events each year attended by thousands of people. 

We take tremendous pride in our volunteers' commitment and diversity and welcome you to find something that ignites your passion! 

Volunteering is a great way to make friends, meet people from across Mallorca’s Jewish community, put your skills and talents towards creating an entirely unique Jewish event.

Sign up via the button above and we'll get in touch with you!

Limud History

Limud is an award-winning and recognized global movement, committed to unique values uch as: Respect, Empowerment, Participation and Diversity, harnessing the energy of the entire Jewish community, people of all ages and backgrounds.

Limud started in 1980 in the United Kingdom. Currently, volunteers hold independent Limud events in more than 80 communities around the world (44 countries!) with tens of thousands of participants each year.

What awaits you on the journey of your Jewish adventure?

Mission and Values

Limud emphasizes learning, diversity, community, empowerment and respect, these values are our values and those that unite us with all the Limudim around the world.

Limud Mallorca is made up of a group of diverse, passionate, creative and enthusiastic people who intend to offer an experience open to all, regardless of age, level of knowledge about Judaism or connection with Jewish life.

Limud Mallorca comes to life through participatory activities organized by independent volunteers whose objective is to create a space for the promotion of knowledge and diversity of the Jewish, and its multiple branches.

It favours the inclusion of new voices through different formats of learning, participation and exchange.

It will be an entire day of multidisciplinary activities of various Jewish, local and international educators, thinkers and creators, sharing their knowledge and experiences through a wide variety of events such as workshops, lectures, multimedia exhibitions, art and movement, among others.

It is Limud's mission to generate learning experiences in a favourable environment to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences, doubts that any person, regardless of their degree of connection with their Jewish life, wants to share.

Create individual or collective opportunities for connection between participants and volunteers.

Expand the horizons of Judaism through:

Teaching and learning

Facilitating connections


Individual and community "Empowerment"





Provide tools to each participant (speaker, volunteer or assistant) to take a step forward in their path of "practices", tradition and Jewish knowledge.

Make available to the participant the possibility of contacting relevant personages of teaching, communication, philosophy, literature, Jewish art, through different educational styles / informative styles (readings, films, workshops, meditation, debates, exhibitions and performances).

Ensure that there will always be an activity, no matter what level of knowledge, practice, or commitment to the Jewish life of each participant, for all participants.