What does this experience include?

This year Limud Mallorca is offering a one of a kind weekend experience before our Limud kicks off on Saturday night the 11th of May.

During the weekend we’ll be focusing on the Xuetes’ (Local Conversós) experience, and life as Jews in Mallorca, before, during and after the Spanish Inquisition. We’ll be learning about this very unique community from the eyes of Xuetes themselves, this will include a talk and Q&A with local Xuetes, who will recount the history of their community and their very own experiences with the Anti-Xuete culture on the island.

On Friday afternoon at 16:00, we'll be visiting the Failed Escape memorial and escape site followed by cocktails and weekend kickoff with your fellow Limud Weekenders.

On Friday night there will be a musical Kabbalat Shabbat (before sundown) and Kiddush, however if you would like to join a more traditional service, then you can choose to go to the local synagogue, which also has a Kiddush.

On Shabbat we’ll be going on the secret Jews of Mallorca Tour, taking us through the lives of the secret Jews in the city of Palma, including a walk through the Jewish quarter and a visit to a small local Jewish history museum.

This tour takes place in the centre of Palma and does not require the breaking of Shabbat.

If you would like to join FED for Shabbat dinner you can do so for just 10€! Or you can sign up for the entire FED Shabbaton here:

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