Below you can find the video memories of all the fantastic events we’ve held in 2018!



Please enjoy a video summary of the Limud Mallorca day event that took place on April 22nd, 2018. Sign up at below to be on our email list to get news of upcoming events!

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Limud Mallorca organized an event before sunset of Rosh Hashana in a place called Can Monroig in the town of Inca on the island of Mallorca, Spain. It was a beautiful day filled with food, family, and friends. Moriah Ferrus from Nova Escola Catalana in Barcelona came to Mallorca to teach and sing traditional and non-traditional melodies related to the Jewish New Year celebrated in September every year. Aaron Sztarkman came from Bern, Switzerland to accompany her on guitar and play other well known Israeli and Sephardic tunes. The event was catered by a local vegetarian restaurant. Guillem Reus i Planells spoke about the history of the Medieval Jewish Quarter of Inca as well as the potential for the venue to have been the site of an ancient synagogue with mikveh. The owners of the house museum Robert and Noelle were our gracious hosts. It was an event to remember with over 85 people from all ages and backgrounds coming to join together to laugh, learn, and connect with one another during the celebratory new year.



A beautiful afternoon tasting the traditional wines of the region and celebrating the fruit of the vine.



This was a wonderful day of play based around the miracle of Chanukah. We started the day colouring in salt for our layered chanukiahs which the children could take home to light. We then went on to colour in and make our own dreidels before hearing the biblical story of Channukah. Snacks were had, musical chairs and statues were played and a wonderful morning of fun was had by all!


Holocaust Memorial Day

Se encendieron seis velas para el recuerdo de 6 millones de judíos asesinados en el Holocausto. 
Se encendió una séptima vela en memoria de las otras víctimas: romanies, homosexuales, comunistas, enfermos mentales y presos políticos españoles, entre otros.